The Birth of a New Generation
Genesi professional spray guns are distinguished for their reliability and precision. They were conceived from the FX experience, or 15 years of intense work in the bodywork and industrial sectors, in close contact with highly specialized and professional clientele who set high standards for themselves, their work and their tools.

Atomization, transfer efficiency, maintenance -- terms extremely familiar to both paint professionals and our Research and Development colleagues, terms with which we have achieved significant quality results with the FX series and from which we began the creation of a new, more efficient and more functional spray gun.




Genesi is all this: a highly prestigious finishing spray gun in which no detail was neglected. From ergonomics to aesthetics, with a new body specifically designed by specialised designers and with chemical nickel and chrome finishes that make it both attractive and resistant; from the level of finish to transfer efficiency, with high level atomization and greater product savings than the already significant results of the FX series; from components to maintenance, with the possibility of simply accessing all spray gun parts on these rare occasions of need.

This is, in fact, one of the aspects we mainly focused on: offering a high performance spray gun from the painting aspect but also efficient from the durability and maintenance stant points.

Completely new components, from the lever to the tank; mainly mechanical seals, few and resistant Teflon and acetyl gaskets that do not compromise paint results after several months, permitting the operator to work in absolute tranquility, serenity and with the knowledge that he is holding a high precision, reliable, durable and welcome spray gun... welcome, GENESI!

The spray gun is constructed with an air valve and needle on a single axis to provide higher performance and greater maintenance simplicity.

Spray guns mainly designed for bodyworks base application but which, thanks to their versatility, can also be used in other sectors such as industry and woodworks.



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